Hunting Land for Lease in North Carolina

Where to Find Hunting Land for Lease in North Carolina

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North Carolina is a hunter’s paradise; its vast populations of wild game cater to almost any hunter’s preferences. Finding hunting land for lease in North Carolina isn’t difficult, but finding hunting land that matches your preference for wild game can be.

Deer and duck are two of the most commonly hunted game animals in North Carolina and can be found in most parts of the state. As you would expect, certain areas provide more predominant numbers of one or the other, which is why we’ve hunted down the best places to find hunting land for lease in North Carolina that will suit your hunting needs.

Deer Hunting Land for Lease in NC

Whitetail deer are favored by North Carolina hunters for their lean and flavorful meat, as well as trophy worthy antlers. There are various hunting preserves in North Carolina focused on the whitetail deer.

These preserves offer hunters the ability to lease or rent their land for a specific amount of time. At preserves like this, hunters are not guaranteed a kill, but the opportunities are plentiful.

If, however, you’re more into the thrill of the chase than shooting to kill, then leased farmland may suit you better.

Duck Hunting Land for Lease in NC

Duck hunting preserves in North Carolina cater to people who enjoy hunting duck and other game birds, such as quail. These preserves offer good numbers of birds on specific areas of their land.

These areas of land can be leased, or rented for varying amounts of time. Most preserves offer additional amenities, such as on-site lodging, and the use of their hunting dogs, as well as bird cleaning services.

Just like with deer, however, if you prefer more of a challenge there are numerous sites of duck inhabited farmland available for lease. Often times the whole farm may be available to lease, other times it could be just the land itself available.

North Carolina Hunting Leases

Hunting Land in Eastern North Carolina

There are three regions that divide up North Carolina’s private and public hunting lands. Of these three categories, Eastern North Carolina’s hunting land is considered coastal. There are various species of birds, whitetail deer, and sometimes even black bear that are available to hunt in this area of North Carolina. Each of the counties below may have their own specific laws or, wildlife regulations pertaining to particular game animals.

Halifax County, NC

Hunting land available for lease in Halifax County, North Carolina includes, The 1,400 acre Big Rack Trophy Club, as well as the East Carolina Outfitters. The Big Rack Trophy Club allows rifle, shotgun, handgun, black powder, and archery hunting. Game found on their land includes deer, turkey and other small game. The land varies in terrain, between wooded areas, swamps, cornfields, and open land.

The East Carolina Outfitter’s offer over 21,000 acres of hunting land. Out of these 21,000 acres, 10,000 pertain strictly to deer. Other areas are available and more information on hunting in Halifax, NC can be found at

Bladen County, NC

There are quite a few hunting areas in Bladen County, NC. These include Allen Brother’s, which offers a large selection of deer, quail, turkey, pheasant and duck hunting. Arrow Head preserve is also located in Bladen County and offers over 2,000 acres of deer, wild and preserve duck, pheasant, chukar, quail and turkey hunting. Other locations include Wintergreen Hunting Preserve and Honey Hill Hunting Preserve.

Johnston County, NC

Hog Heaven Outfitters is one of the most prominent hunting integrated farmland owners in Johnston County. They have 2,000 acres of hunting land for lease, and this land includes large populations of deer, bear, turkey, dove and wild hogs.

Harnett County, NC

Anderson Creek Hunting preserves in Harnett County, NC is one of the best in the state. They require no memberships and no grounds fees. Their land can be hunted at any time of the year. It includes 1,500 acres of wooded land for bird hunting, as well as 100 acres of wetland. Species of the game available to hunt here include bobwhite quail, chukar, mallard ducks, ringneck pheasant, wood ducks, rabbits, grey squirrels, and white-tailed deer.

Hunting Land in Western North Carolina

Western North Carolina’s hunting land is categorized as mountain terrain type hunting, most of the game found in Eastern North Carolina can be found here as well, although black bear is more abundant in areas of Western North Carolina than it is in Eastern areas of the state.

Montgomery County, NC

The Ram Hunt Club offers land for lease in Montgomery County, they have 4,000 acres of land divided into farmland, tree farms and shoreline. They offer turkey and deer hunting and their lands are home to a small population of game birds. The Cypress Creek Hunting Preserve also offers land, for both sale and lease. Their land is home to deer, duck, and other popular game animals.

Randolph County, NC

Randolph County, NC doesn’t have as many large size hunting areas as other counties in Western North Carolina. However their select options do include: The Green Mesa Hunting Preserve, they allow land to be leased for rabbit, duck and whitetail deer hunting. Quail Haven Hunting Preserve leases land for bobwhite quail hunting and even provides you with trained dogs upon request. Finally, Hunting Creek Preserves also offers a large selection of game birds and over 2,000 acres of hunting land available to lease.

Davidson County, NC

While, Davidson County doesn’t offer any preserves, farms, or other establishments that offer hunting, there are numerous lots of land for sale or lease that could accommodate a hunter’s needs. Listings of available land can be found on sites such as and

Anson County, NC

Anson County, NC offers various hunting opportunities, like Cribs Creek Hunting Preserve, which has land for lease, as well as guided hunts. Their game includes deer and turkey, but they specialize in hogs. The Griffin Hill Hunting Preserve offers quail hunting land, as well as dogs and guides if requested, deer hunting is also allowed. The Flint Ridge Shooting Preserve also offers game bird hunting.

Weyerhaeuser Hunting Land for Lease in NC

Weyerhaeuser offers various sections of hunting land up for lease yearly. Land availability varies throughout the year, and their land is spread throughout most of North Carolina and has large populations of various wild game to offer. For more information on Weyerhaeuser’s North Carolina land please visit


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