Hunting Land for Lease in Louisiana

Find Hunting Land for Lease in Louisiana

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Louisiana is rich in diverse terrain and hunting environments, as well as the small and large game that inhabit them. From marshes and wetlands to acres of wooded forests, there’s hunting land for lease in Louisiana to make any style of hunter happy.

Some of the common game animals found in Louisiana are wild boar (hogs), quail, duck, and red stag deer. Louisiana’s other large animals include whitetail deer, axis, fallow, blackbuck, and alligator. Duck is Louisiana’s most popular small game animal. Mallards, puddle ducks and more can be found in most parts of the state, however, the greatest varieties of these birds are found in Louisiana’s wetlands.

If you know what you’d like to hunt, but aren’t quite sure where to find the land to hunt it, we have the answers. If you haven’t yet decided what you’d like to hunt, we can help with that too.

Deer Hunting Land for Lease in Louisiana

Louisiana Hunting LeasesRed Stag Deer and Whitetail Deer roam throughout Louisiana, but most of the hunting land for lease in Louisiana belongs to timber companies. However, if you look hard enough, there are still a few farms scattered around the state which lease their land for hunting.

RoyOMartin is a timber company that leases deer hunting land to hunters. Land leased from timber companies is “as is” and there are no guarantees on wildlife population, land condition, or land accessibility.

Weyerhaeuser also owns and leases a large amount of land for deer hunting in Louisiana. Weyerhaeuser’s land, unlike that of some other timber companies, is well suited for hunting.

Duck Hunting Land for Lease in Louisiana

Dream Hunt Resort in Louisiana is known for its excellent game resources. Their leasable land is rich with many species of duck along with other game animals. Preserve Leases, like that of Dream Hunt Resort, are seasonal and come with quality amenities.

On rare occasions, you may find a resort, or preserve that offers longer lease agreements. RoyOMartin, as well as other timber companies in Louisiana, offer land leases that may, or may not put you on some ducks to bag.

Some oil companies in Louisiana offer up their land for lease during duck season as well as during other game seasons. Keep in mind that land lease contracts with companies like RoyOMartin can be long, with some lasting as long as 8 years.

Hunting Leases in North Louisiana

Deux Chenes (Two Oaks in French) Hunting club offers leasable land situated in 350 acres of rice fields. Duex Chene’s land is home to several species of duck and guided hunts are available.

The Wild Hog Ridge Hunting Club leases out acres of their land and specializes in hog hunting. Their hogs are Russian and Razorbacks, weighing between 100lbs and 400lbs. Hunts are custom-tailored to a hunter’s preferences. Gun, knife, dog and spear hunts are allowed, as well as stalking.

Cutter Creek Outfitters offers land leases and Louisiana alligator hunting. All of Cutter Creek’s alligator hunting is guided for safety, and they also offer deer, duck and goose hunting.

Hunting Leases in South Louisiana

Land Of Lakes Plantation in Southern Louisiana provides land leases, hunter housing and a large array of animal species to hunt. Their preserve is rich with larger game including, deer, elk, buffalo, Red Stag, and trophy whitetail deer.

Bayou Teche Hunting Preserve offers guided, as well as unguided hunting. They also lease their land to hunters seasonally. Their main game is birds, such as quail, chukar, pheasant, and woodcock. However, they also offer hog hunting.

Arcadian Expeditions offers alligator hunting expeditions, occasional land leasing as well as onsite amenities like housing and meals.

Hunting Leases in Central Louisiana

Dream Hunt Resort in Central Louisiana offers exceptional duck, deer, rabbit and dove hunting. Their leasable land is lush with mature animals and carefully maintained for optimal hunting. They do require that any whitetail deer must be 8 points or better to be hunted.

Rabbit hunting leases at Dream Hunt are contracted in February and hunting dogs are provided for you. The Big Woods Fish and Game Reserve, located in south central Louisiana, offers deer and duck hunting, as well as fishing. They lease yearly as well as on a seasonal basis.


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