Hunting Land for Lease in Georgia

Finding Hunting Land for Lease in Georgia

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Much like its western neighbor, Alabama, the hunting in Georgia is diverse as its geography. From the mountainous north, the hills of the central region, to the coastal plains in the southeast, hunters have ample opportunity for excellent hunting.

If you are looking for better trophy potential, better numbers of animals, or are tired of fighting for spots in public WMA’s, then a hunting lease is a good idea to explore. As you begin your search for a hunting lease Georgia, keep the different regions in mind, as they will help steer you in the right direction, depending on what type of game you’re after.

It can be intimidating to try to find a hunting lease, as there is no one go-to resource. Below you will find information, and a resource to help find a deer hunting lease in the most popular areas of Georgia.

North Georgia Hunting Leases

North Georgia has a lot to offer hunters, in both terrain and wildlife. From the southern reaches of the Appalachian Mountains to the deep valleys, there are plenty of opportunities to satisfy most hunters. In terms of the game, you will find good populations of wild turkey and whitetail deer.

You will even find black bear licenses available for the northern part of the state. In addition, there is a variety of small game available, including fox, rabbit, squirrel, and much more.

If you are looking for a Georgia hunting land for lease, you should check out Georgia Outdoor News forums. The forums have a hunting lease marketplace of sorts, allowing you to look for your ideal lease. You can post want ads, or you can check out what is already on offer.

South Georgia Hunting Leases

Georgia Hunting LandThe mountains and valleys of Northern Georgia melt away as you head further south in the state, giving way to the coastal plains. This makes for a very different, but still captivating hunting region, offering different, but still incredible challenges and fun. You will find much of the same game in south Georgia as you find in north Georgia, with good whitetail deer populations available, as well as small game. However, you should be aware the hunting dates are often different from north to south.

If you want to sample the terrain and game of South Georgia then check out the Westervelt website. They manage over 550,000 acres of hunting land, so they are bound to have something that will meet your requirements.

Macon County

If you are looking for good whitetail deer hunting, then Macon County is a place you should consider. Macon County is tucked southwest of the city of Macon, and southeast of Columbus, Georgia. Not only are there good game opportunities in the county, but it is one of the most picturesque areas in all of Georgia.

For a good resource to help you find a hunting lease in Macon County, I recommend checking out Whitetail Properties. On their website, you will find a good selection of hunting land for lease and for sale within Macon County.

Burke County

Burke County lies to the immediate south of Augusta, Georgia. Open plains and forests are the hallmarks of the terrain in Burke County. This variation makes it a fantastic place to get a hunting lease, especially if you can get a lease to an area of land that mixes these two types of terrains together.

I recommend checking out Lands of Georiga to search for deer lease opportunities in Burke County. This site has one of the widest ranges of land and hunting leases available out of any of the sites featured in this article. You can see anything from ranches to forest areas on the site.

Rayonier Hunting Leases

Rayonier is not a region but is a timber company. Rayonier is technically the largest timberland owner in the United States. They also offer a huge range of hunting options on much of this land. This includes the land that they own in Georgia.

You can find all of the usual game including whitetail deer, as well as smaller game including wild turkey, fox, and much more. Rayonier owns so much land that they have many different types of terrain, so there is a good chance of finding something you are interested in.

Rayonier has one of the most impressive websites about the hunting options that it offers. You can search and use filters to find the exact property or land where you want to get a lease for. The options are fairly impressive; you can narrow down by price, and even acreage. The land is available for 20 acres, all the way up to 20,000 acres depending on how much you want to spend and how much land you want to hunt on.

Weyerhaeuser Hunting Leases

Weyerhaeuser is another huge timber company, which offers hunting leases over their vast landholdings, including the state of Georgia. You will find all the usual game on Weyerhaeuser land, so if you want to hunt deer, hog, or any other game, it is well worth considering Weyerhaeuser.

At their website, you will find Weyerhaeuser’s search engine for their Georgia hunting leases. You can narrow down by County, and filter by minimum and maximum price, so that you can narrow down the lease listings down to something that will fit your budget and requirements.


Georgia Wildlife has tons of good info on public land, wildlife management areas, and all the hunting season and regulations that you will need.  The website also has a good selection of topo maps, as well as information on hunter education classes.

You can also search hunting land leases on FoggyTrail, they have hundreds of listings. Here are more links and resources discussed in this article for finding a Georgia deer hunting lease.

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