PKC vs UKC Hunting Clubs, Which is For You?

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If you have been around coon hunting for a while, you likely are familiar with the coon hunting clubs PKC and UKC. These are the two oldest and most significant coonhound registries and hunting clubs in America. You may be wondering what they are all about, and which affiliated club you should join, and I hope this post helps you answer that question.

Professional Kennel Club

The PKC is based out of Evansville, Indiana, and is the self proclaimed largest coonhound registry and competitive coon, rabbit, and squirrel hunting organization in the country.

You can join for the annual cost of $25, and that gives you a membership along with a subscription to their Prohound magazine.

By joining PKC you also will get the opportunity to participate in PKC Sanctioned coon, rabbit, and squirrel hunting competitions. There are entry fees you need to pay to compete, but you also then have the chance to win larger cash prizes for winning, as well as earn “degrees” to increase your status within the PKC.

United Kennel Club

Old-Coon-Hunting-ClubFormed in 1892, the UKC is one of the oldest established coon hunting clubs in America. They are based out of Kalamazoo, Michigan and work with registering coonhounds in all 50 states, and 25 other nations.

The UKC is a more family friendly, relaxed organization compared to the PKC. They are a dog focused group, with most of their events being based around breeding and dogs shows.

They do offer hunting programs that lead to a National Championship, but they do not have a monetary reward. The hunting competitions are designed to earn points that you can then earn titles with. This gives the whole experience a highly family-friendly feel to it that many coon hunters prefer.

Which is For You?

Think about what you want out of your coon hunting time, and consider the following final thoughts before choosing. If you are looking for a more serious competitive atmosphere than I would highly recommend joining the Professional Kennel Club. If you prefer a more friendly and educational club setting, then joining the United Kennel Club would be a better choice.

photo credit: Vermont Historical Society via cc

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