Coon Hunting Clubs
Photo: David C. Foster by cc

How to Find Coon Hunting Clubs

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Are you new to coon hunting, or want to get more serious about the sport? Coon hunting clubs have a long tradition in America and can be a great option for both situations.

By joining your local coon hunters club, you will be meeting some of the most experienced hunters in your area. Not only will you learn more about the sport, but you will likely enjoy good fellowship and camaraderie with people who share your passion.

How to Join the Coon Hunting Club

First, you need to get in touch with someone in the club. Either call them up directly to express your interest in joining, or drive over to the club to see if you can introduce yourself to someone in the club.

Most clubs hold official meetings and have annual members dinners. Many times potential new members will have to attend a meeting to introduce yourself to the members, and tell them why you want to join.

Club members want to get to know you before accepting you into the club. The last thing they want is to bring in a loudmouth jerk to ruin their camaraderie.

Just be a genuinely nice guy or gal, and you will have no problem getting in!

If you are accepted into the club, you will likely have an annual membership fee to pay. Membership fees will vary from club to club, but I think you will find most to be very reasonable.

Reasons to Join a Club

Here are some excellent reasons to join a coon hunting club:

Hunting Grounds – Some clubs have the luxury of owning hunting land. Make sure to confirm this if that is a requirement for you.

Gun Range – Clubs that have gun ranges are great to join. You get a place to hone your marksmanship, as well as learn from others. Again, not all coon hunting clubs have a shooting range, but many do.

Competitions – Hunting clubs like to have friendly competition hunts for coon, rabbit, and squirrel. Sometimes clubs will hold target shooting competitions. This can be an extremely fun way to improve your coon hunting tactics and skills.

Learn from Experts – As I said earlier, many of your areas’ most experienced coon hunters will be members. This is your opportunity to learn from them and see what kind of coon hunting gear they use.

Make Hunting Friends – This is one of the greatest reasons to join in my opinion. There may be no better way to enjoy the sport of coon hunting, than by meeting and sharing experiences with others who share your same passion.

I hope by now, that you are convinced of the benefits of joining a coon hunting club. Now get out there, find some clubs, and get started!