3 Ways to Go Coon Hunting Without Dogs

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Coon hunting is a challenging yet rewarding pastime to take up. The stereotypical coon hunter has at least one, if not two or three coonhounds working the woods with them. For this reason, beginners are often intimidated by the thought of coon hunting without dogs, but let me tell you, it is possible, and many people prefer to hunt raccoon this way. Here are 3 ways to go coon hunting without a dog.

1. Go on a Field Hunt

I like to use trail cameras to first determine if coons are in the area. Or maybe you already have a raccoon problem, or know they are active in your area. Either way, knowing there are coons around solves the first piece of the puzzle.

At dark, I use a coon squall or a mouse squeaker to attempt to draw a curious or hungry coon out of its den. Stay quiet until you hear movement, and then shine the trees with your coon hunting spotlight. Coons will typically look in the direction of the light, and you will see them shine in the darkness.

Some of the newer electronic calls for predators have a series of raccoon calls built into their programming.  You can also go on to the manufacturers website and download prerecorded sounds that can aid in dog free hunting.

After that it’s a matter of carefully positioning yourself for a good shot to kill that coon.

2. Trapping

In many places around the country, raccoons are common and sometimes considered a major pest. If they are tipping over trash bins and tearing up gardens, it’s no surprise that people want them removed.

If you are not fond of walking the woods at night, then trapping may be the solution for you. What you need is a trap and some raccoon bait to draw them in. What makes a good raccoon bait? Just about any household foodstuff like sardines, cut up hot dogs, fruit, and even cat food will make a good trap bait.

What do you do after successfully trapping a coon? You can kill it if its been a pest, or consider bringing it to your local coon hunting club. Many times there are people who could use them to train their young coonhounds.

3. Hillbilly Hunt

Hillbilly hunting uses features from trapping and field hunting. This method uses bait, the smellier the better, to draw out hungry coons. After strategically placing your bait, you then lie in wait and use a coon squall every 15 to 20 minutes.

It may take some time for the raccoon to come by. They are as cautious as they are curious, so be patient. Once you hear one, use your hunting spotlight to locate the animal for the kill.

Wrapping Up

These are my 3 favorite methods for hunting coon without a dog. If you were on the fence about getting into coon hunting because you had no dog, I hope this inspires you that it is possible. If you know of any other successful methods, please let me know in the comments section!

Photo credit: Cowgirl Jules/Flickr via CC

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