Moultrie M-880 Review: Top Game Camera of 2014

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In my last game camera review, I took a look at the budget model Moultrie A5. While it was actually a pretty good trail camera for such a low price, it will probably leave many hunters wishing for more features, and better images.

In this Moultrie M-880 review, I will show you a much better camera for just a slightly higher price. The M880 boasts more features, packed into a smaller camera body, on par with the Browning Recon camera.


  • Image Sizes: 8MP, 3840×2160 resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Video: HD video with sound, 1280×720 at 24 frames per second
  • Trigger Speed: Less than 1 second
  • Recovery Speed: Approximately 2.6 seconds
  • Detection Range: Approximately 40 feet
  • Flash Range: Up to 100 feet in ideal conditions
  • SD Card: Supports up to 32GB Cards
  • Output: USB 2.0
  • Batteries: 8x AA (Not Included), optional power port for external battery
  • Modes: Infrared, Motion Detection, Time Lapse, Multi-Shot, and HD Video
  • Camera Size: 5in x 4in x 3in
  • Info Bar: Date and Time, Temperature, Moon Phase, Camera ID
  • Software: No software included
  • Warranty: 1 year by the manufacturer


When I unboxed the M880, I was immediately happy with its overall size. It is much smaller than the A5, due to the AA vs C size batteries required to power the camera. Just like all the other Moultrie trail cameras, inside the box is a basic tree strap, an instruction manual, and a cool little decal.  I was also pleased to see the strap has a metal buckle, unlike the cheaper A5.

Fit and Finish

The fits and finish are similar to other Moultrie cameras, in that it has a rough bark like appearance to blend into the brush. On the bottom and rear housing are ¼-20 threaded holes to use camera mounting systems. Unlike the A5, the gaskets are nice and thick and should have no issues keeping moisture out. To get to the battery tray, you just slide a little latch and the tray slides out the bottom. Also on the bottom is a tiny speaker for when you make HD video recordings.

Camera Features and Setup

This camera was extremely easy to setup. The user manual will take you through the process, but experienced camera users probably won’t even need it. Battery life was mostly as expected. It wasn’t stellar, but it wasn’t poor either. Based on what I am seeing, you should get a minimum of 4 months of life on a set of lithium batteries. One thing to be aware of is that some users have noticed the power meter in the camera can give a false low reading when using lithium or rechargeable batteries.

Image and Video Quality

This is where the M-880 really shines. Day or night, winter or summer, this camera kicks out great pictures. The colors are vibrant and rarely do you see any washed out photos of game. On occasion, during winter you may get a couple of white shots if the animal is really close to the sensor. The camera does have a ‘Motion Freeze’ setting that helps reduce nighttime blur.  When you pick up this camera, I would head on over to the Moultrie website and upgrade the firmware just to be sure you’ll get the best results


This is too nice of a camera to have some jerkwad steal out of your tree.

For good cameras, I always recommend using a security box, or a good python cable. Just loop it through the molded in hooks and around the tree to secure that puppy.

The bottom line is that during my Moultrie M-880 review, I became convinced that this is one of the best trail cameras I’ve ever tried.

The Verdict

The M880 performs at a high level, for a fraction of the cost of other high end game cameras. It looks great, the case is sturdy, and it takes killer pictures, and unlike some Moultrie cameras from years past, this is a terrific and reliable game cam.

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