Diamond Infinite Edge Review

Diamond Infinite Edge Review: Highly Versatile Bow

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In our Diamond Infinite Edge review, you’ll learn how this is one of the most highly adjustable compound bows around. It’s a great bow no matter if you are just getting starting with bowhunting, or if you are looking for something versatile enough to teach your wife or son to shoot.

The Infinite Edge compound bow is manufactured by Bowtech, a world leader in the bowhunting industry. Like all their other bows, the Infinite Edge is made of the highest quality components and materials.

This is an easy draw bow that still has plenty of speed. The crazy amount of adaptability in this bow allows you or your young bowhunter to grow as a shooter while maintaining good power and speed. Read on to see why it’s a great multipurpose shooter, equally adept at hunting and target practice.

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Bow Package List

No assembly is required and the bow is ready for shooting as soon as it’s unboxed. The standard model Diamond Infinite Edge will include the following components:

  • Infinite Edge compound bow: Riser, Stopper, String, Cams, and Limbs
  • Peep Sight plus Apex 3-Pin Sight
  • D-Loop
  • Instruction Manual. It’s important to read this in order to understand how to properly adjust your bow.
  • Warranty Information. Be sure to mail this card in to get the full benefits.
  • Octane Hostage XL Rest

Cam System Details

Infinite Edge CamsAn eccentric dual cam system allows you to draw this bow with ease. Each cam is elliptical and the movements are in synch synchronized which allows for accurate arrow flight. This system is one of the best on the market and is perfect for bowhunters young and old.

While the cams do sacrifice a small amount of speed they make up for that loss with a smooth draw. This system would be great for hunters who are just learning to shoot. A solid cable slide keeps from pinching on the cable and makes this bow a smooth shooter.

This versatile compound bow has a wide range of draw weights and lengths. The draw length can vary from 13” to 30” making it great for any sized shooter. Draw weights also vary widely and can range from 5 to 70 pounds! This means that just about any bowhunter will be comfortable shooting this bow.

Limb and Riser Details

The components on this bow are pretty standard these days. You’ll get a CNC machined, and lightweight aluminum riser with limbs that are attached via the pivoting recesses on the ends of the riser. All together it really has the looks of a much more expensive bow. The one common concern from users of this bow is the grip. Some people find it to be less than ergonomic for long periods of use.

How to Make Adjustments

Infinite Edge Riser Limb AdjustmentsThe Infinite Edge uses an A/B/C range of settings allowing you to adapt the bow to your ability and size. Using a bow press is a wise decision to change these settings, which can easily be changed at your local archery shop. Here is what you should expect to happen when you take your bow in.

Where an adult might initially set it at a higher setting and forget about it, the beauty of this bow is the progression that is possible. Let’s say you buy the bow for your son or daughter, and they would be best suited for the C range. From there you can adjust the draw length from 13” to 18” and the draw weight can be adjusted from 5 to 30 pounds.

After you or your youth bowhunter has grown in strength and skill, this setting no longer works for them. When this happens, you just move the setting from C, up to B. You can do this yourself, or have an archery pro shop do it. Now you are able to choose between a draw length ranging from 19” to 25” and a draw weight ranging from 31 to 50 pounds.

When you’ve mastered the basics of shooting your bow, you just bring it up to the highest setting of A, allowing you to choose from a draw length of more than 25” and a draw weight of more than 50 pounds.

Setting it up for Hunting

The question you might be asking yourself is if this is only a beginner’s bow or if it’s actually suitable for bowhunting. While the bow is not specifically designed as a hunting bow, there is no question that it has the speed and power for most hunting purposes.

Out of the box, the Infinite Edge does not have much for vibration and noise reduction. For bowhunting, you’ll definitely want to add string silencers, a good stabilizer, wrist release, and potentially some limb dampeners.

Arrow Speed and Kinetic Energy

This bow has an IBO rating of 310 Feet per Second (FPS). This rating is based around a 70-pound draw weight and a 30” draw and using a 350-grain arrow. When you have a lower setting or a heavier arrow, the lower the FPS will be. You will have to read the owner’s manual guide to determine your true FPS. This will allow you to better understand the actual shooting speed.

From the perspective of a young shooter, learning proper shooting form is far more important than arrow speed. Training will happen at short ranges so the speed is not an issue. When your child gets older you can then start training for better speed.

As for hunting, this is where kinetic energy comes into play. The bow will have to be set at a higher rating in order to provide your hunting arrows the velocity needed to penetrate. Below is a list of different KE requirements for the most popular bowhunting game.

  • Elk or Black Bear – requires KE of 40-65 ft-lbs. At 60 pounds weight / 28” draw length / 425 grain arrow
  • Whitetail Deer – Requires KE of 25-40 ft-lbs. At 50 pounds weight / 28” draw length / 425 grain arrows: 44-46 ft-lbs of Kinetic Energy.
  • Turkey – Requires KE of 25 ft-lbs or less. At 30 pounds weight/ 25” draw length/ 425 grain arrows: you’ll achieve 20-21 ft-lbs of Kinetic Energy.

These are just a few of the calculations needed to determine which is the right set up to hunt game. While this bow was not originally designed with game hunting in mind, with the right settings the bow can be deadly accurate.

The Verdict


  • Excellent compound bow beginners, youth, and women shooters.
  • Very lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Highly versatile and easy to adjust.
  • Ability to be a hunting weapon as well as a solid target practice bow.


While it was hard to determine much for drawbacks for this bow, we should mention that some buyers, especially those with really small hands, felt the grip was too square. Fortunately, the bow is so light that it only makes for a little initial awkwardness.


I think this compound bow is versatile enough, and built with quality, to the point that it will satisfy many bowhunters.

It is a beginner friendly model that has plenty of room for growth. Your young shooter will be able to keep the same bow for many years without the need for upgrading

Bowtech has hit a home run with this bow, and I feel like it’s a great choice for anyone getting started with shooting and bowhunting.

There is no question the Diamond Infinite Edge bow package is a solid choice for you if you’re getting into deer and turkey hunting.

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