Deer Hunting Checklist

Deer Hunting Checklist with Printable PDF

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If you’re like me, and have a regular job, you might only get a few weekends a year to get out into the field. You need to make the most of it, and this is where a good deer hunting checklist comes into play. A good deer hunting checklist can not only save us time, but also save us from the frustration of forgetting a critical piece of gear at home.

Even the most experienced hunters forget things from time to time, so I always recommend relying on a checklist to get ready for an upcoming hunt. Feel free to add to, or modify this checklist to suit your style and needs.

Hunt Preparation Checklist

I go through the first section of my checklist, several weeks before my trip. I like to go through all my gear early, in case anything needs replacement or repair.

This allows me time to take care of it in time, and not have to scramble on the night before.

Buy Hunting License(s)/TagsClean Firearm/Tune BowMonitor Weather, Pack Appropriate Layers
Read This Years RegulationsSight-in Firearm/BowCheck Your Blaze Orange
Determine Hunting LocationSharpen Knife or ArrowsLeave Trip Details with a Friend or Family
Gain Land Owner's PermissionPractice CallsAssemble Field Dressing Gear
Game Camera ScoutingWash Camo and ClothingCell Phone Charger
Inspect Tree Stands & BlindsPurchase AmmoCheck GPS Maps are Working
Practice Tree Stand Climbing w/HarnessCheck BatteriesClean Hunting Optics

Field Packing Checklist

Now we come to the fun part, organizing your hunting pack for the big day.

You might be tempted to throw every gadget you own into the pack, but like one of my favorite bloggers likes to say “Don’t be Like Batman”. Don’t be that guy strutting through the woods with a piece of gear attached to every loop, and stuffed in each pouch.

Invest in quality gear that you can rely on, and pack only the essential gear. When in doubt, ask yourself if it will actually help you kill something, or help preserve the game when you do take an animal.

Hunting Backpack or Day PackBow ReleaseGPS/Map/Compass
Hunting Licenses/Tags (Check Again!)Ammo/Arrows/BroadheadsCalls/Scents
First Aid KitFirearm/BowDrag Rope
Means of FireHeadlamp/FlashlightHunting Knife/Multi-Tool
Cell PhoneGlow SticksFolding Saw
Tree Stand/<Safety HarnessHunting BinocularsBug Spray
Wear Your Blaze OrangeBinocular HarnessHand Warmers
ParacordRangefinderWater & Snacks
Game Bags/Latex GlovesRain GearExtra Layers

Hunting Vehicle Checklist

It’s a wise practice to check over each of your vehicles before heading out, especially if you travel to remote areas to hunt.

Check your truck, as well as your ATV’s. Doing so will prepare you for the unexpected, and maybe even prevent you from getting stranded with a disable vehicle far from help.

Change OilFlashlight & BatteriesTow Straps or Chains
Check Antifreeze LevelsTool BoxShovel
Inspect/Replace BeltsJumper Cables/Power Pack Jump StartTarp/Carpet Remnant
Check Tires and PressureMacGuyver Pack of Hardware, Misc ItemsIce Chest
Tire Chains (If Needed)Spare Tire/Vehicle JackSleeping Bag/Blankets

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