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7 Best Tree Stand Umbrellas to Shield the Elements

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One of the best parts of deer hunting is the feeling of anticipation. It creates a real thrill to stake out a spot where deer like to feed or travel and then settle in while you watch and wait for a trophy buck to emerge. A sturdy tree stand can aid you in this task while help mask your presence from the deer

Nothing ruins the experience of scouting deer from a treestand like getting wet. Wearing bulky rain camouflage is not an ideal solution, because it can restrict your ability to move and take a clean shot when one becomes available.

Using a tree stand umbrella or roof can offer a good solution to this dilemma.

Top Tree Stand Umbrellas

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OK, But Isn’t an Umbrella for Wimps?

Staying dry and warm isn’t a sign of weakness. Hunters can hunt longer when they feel more comfortable and being able to commit larger blocks of time to hunt in a good spot increases your odds of bagging a deer. Being wet and cold does not feel comfortable, no matter where you are. If wanting to find a way to stay as dry and warm as possible while we’re hanging out in the forest makes us wimps, then so be

The best tree stand umbrella also shields you from the heat. It can help prevent you from baking in the sun, and ultimately going home with a nasty sunburn, while spending a few hours in your tree stand. Protection from the heat is just as important as protection from the cold. You don’t want to risk overheating and suffer dehydration or even sunstroke.

A good umbrella also adds a layer of camouflage that helps conceal your tree stand. It breaks up your outline below, so a random deer cannot easily spot your shadow and flee before they are in an optimal position for you to get a clean shot. Even the smallest edge that you can gain over your prey could mean the difference between filling your freezer or not filling your tag.

7 Best Tree Stand Umbrellas

Hunting from a Tree Stand with Umbrella

Finding the right tree stand umbrella for your needs will be a simple task with our handy guide. These tree stand roofs have been selected based on quality frames, durable fabric, and positive experiences by other hunters who have used these products. Simply put, these offer the best available protection for your stand, so you can focus your attention on the deer instead of worrying about the outside elements.

1. Guide Gear Deluxe Tree Stand Umbrella

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Rainy days will not be uncomfortable ones with this lightweight and a sturdy umbrella. It is made with a solid steel frame, so you can maintain a stable covering over your head even amid a steady rainstorm. The other two umbrella kits can’t match the sturdiness of this frame design.

  • Size: 37″ x 44″
  • Frame: Yes

This umbrella blends well with the tree thanks to a DZTXM camouflage pattern. It uses durable water-resistant fabric that will stay strong with regular use and protect from both rain and sun. A pair of cam buckle straps are included for easy attachment to a tree.

2. Big Dog Treestands Universal Roof Kit XL

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This heavy-duty roof kit will help keep you nice and dry. It features a water resistant fabric roof and secures to a tree with 2 button straps. It weighs only 11 lbs, so it’s easy to transport from home or vehicle to the tree stand.

  • Size: 32″ x 50″
  • Frame: Yes

The frame features an arched tube design that allows rain to run off and not puddle. The fabric is a tight fit, so be careful the first time you stretch it out on the frame. If you happen to get a tear in it from a branch or something, Big Dog has replacement canopy material.

3. Muddy Universal Umbrella

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Here’s one tree stand umbrella that certainly lives up to its name. Universal really does mean universal here. This 48-inch square camouflage portable roof can be used with any fixed position tree stand, tree seat, or ladder stand.

  • Size: 48″ x 48″
  • Frame: Yes

It weighs only 2 lbs and features a hub-style design that allows for quick set up and installation. Two support straps and high wind tie-downs are included with the roof. This gives it rock solid stability and consistent support even in blustery conditions.

4. Guide Gear Camo Umbrella Blind

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This lightweight and easy-to-use umbrella is highly effective in preventing rain from beating down on you or keeping the sun out of your face. You can attach it to any tree so it offers shade above your tree stand. It also can function as an impromptu portable blind if you choose to stalk your prey from the ground.

  • Size: 54″ Diameter
  • Frame: No

This umbrella is as tough as it is light. It is made from a strong steel frame and durable camouflage fabric that holds up under regular use over multiple seasons. A vented top minimizes swaying from strong winds and the umbrella screws directly into a tree trunk for easy mounting.

5. Allen Camo Treestand Umbrella

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If you need an umbrella that keeps you dry in lighter rainy conditions, this will do the job. This round umbrella has a 57-inch overall width and includes a storage sack for easy transport. It attaches to a tree with straps and has a solid base.

  • Size: 57″ Diameter
  • Frame: No

The fabric features a Next G2 camouflage pattern, so it blends in nicely with the surrounding foliage. Useful for offering shade and protects from light rain.

6. Ameristep Treestand Umbrella

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If you want complete peace of mind that you’ll get total protection from the elements, you can’t go wrong by picking this particular tree stand umbrella. It features rugged tree mounting arm screws that lock in place in the trunk once you screw the umbrella into the tree.

  • Size: N/A
  • Frame: No

The umbrella wraps around the tree for total rain protection and features a Realtree edge camouflage pattern. This umbrella can stay in place for many weeks without getting jarred loose and blowing away. If you choose to walk and stalk deer, this umbrella doubles as an effective ground blind.

7. Big Game Treestand Pop-Up Umbrella

Big Game Popup Umbrellas

This umbrella is ultra-lightweight and offers a no-hassle installation. It weighs only 1 1b and includes six snap-on tie-down strings. The 54-inch roof system is compatible with most ladder stands and tree stands.

  • Size: 54″ Diameter
  • Frame: No

It is a hub-style umbrella, so you also get efficient protection from the elements while scouting your prey. The best part is the fabric is durable, so you can leave it in place all season long without worrying about the fabric tearing or the umbrella detaching from the tree.

What to Look For in a Tree stand Umbrella

Water Resistant Tree Stand Umbrella It isn’t wise to take a one size fits all approach when selecting an umbrella or roof for your tree stand. You need to look at the big picture and select a product that will be durable and offer enough protection to enhance your hunting experience.

Here are the most important elements to consider when searching for the best tree stand umbrella:

  • Good Coverage: You need to pay attention to the umbrella dimensions. How wide is it? Choose a size that matches your tree stand’s width. It won’t do you much good if the umbrella doesn’t extend out far enough and you’re left partially exposed when inclement weather comes.
  • Sturdy Construction: Durability is important. You want an umbrella with a strong frame and rip-resistant fabric that will hold up under prolonged use. Tree stand umbrellas should be able to last an entire hunting season and remain in good condition through multiple seasons.
  • Quality Materials: Getting a great deal on a product is a good thing, but you don’t want to settle for inferior quality just to save a few bucks. Always check the specs before making a purchase. See what materials compose both frame and fabric. You want materials that can take a licking and still work effectively.
  • Camo Patterns: Deer are clever animals. If they sense your presence, they will bolt from the area before you can get off a clean shot. Camouflage patterns in your umbrella serve a useful purpose in concealing your profile and your tree stand’s position. They break up the stand’s outline, much like a tree stand blind, so a deer is less likely to notice anything out of the ordinary.

Final Thoughts

Hunting is always a better experience when you can keep yourself warm and dry, even in rainy conditions. Investing in a tree stand umbrella will go a long way to creating better hunting conditions. You can focus your energies on surveying your prey and bagging a nice deer to take home. The key is to focus on getting a durable, high-quality product that will handle use through an entire hunting season and even last multiple seasons. Make your hunting memories not involve getting rain-soaked or coming home with a nasty sunburn.

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