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14 Must Have Compound Bow Tuning Tools

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When I was just getting started bowhunting, I spent many hours in the local archery shop. I would soak up as much knowledge as I could, learning the art of compound bow tuning and setup. Those guys were awesome helping me get perfectly setup for the upcoming bow season.

Over time, there arose circumstances where I either had to make a repair or setup change in the field, with no bow mechanic to bail me out. If I hadn’t had the right tools with me in my truck, I might have lost the day or entire weekend with my bow in the shop.

As a bowhunter, there are compound bow tuning tools that you will need to ensure that your bow continues to work optimally. These essential archery tools are necessary for both tuning your bow and just setting it up. I recommend you pick these tools out for your garage, and spares in a carry box for your truck.

1. Bow Press

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Although some bow manufacturers have embraced bows that do not need a bow press, this is an important tool that you need at home. A bow press makes it possible for you to carry out any maintenance tasks that you may have for your bow. With this press, you can hold the bow in the desired position and easily work on it. It is also useful in setting correct string positions. Martin Archery makes an affordable press that you can easily take along in your truck.

2. Bow Vise

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Many archers tend to overlook the role of a bow vise. This means in order to work on their bows, they need to use one hand to hold it while the other works on it, and that is no easy task! Luckily, investing in a bow vise helps you free your hands. You can mount it on your working bench and comes in handy when carrying out different repairs, mounting sights and tying in peeps. You need a bow vise for virtually any job that you are doing on the bow.

3. Allen Wrenches

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Allen wrenches are important compound bow tuning tools for any archer or hunter. Today’s compound bows require you to have these wrenches to work on any screws. Since Allen wrenches are relatively cheap, you can invest in a couple of them since they are also some of the most commonly misplaced tools in the garage. I can’t tell you how many times I went to grab my set of Allen wrenches only to discover the one size I needed is missing. Buy a few sets and you won’t have to worry.

4. D-Loop Knocking Pliers

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D-loops are more of a standard when it comes to compound bows because they offer more benefits than traditional ropes. However, they also wear down as you keep using your bow. As a result, you will need to keep changing them, and this is where D-loop knocking pliers come in. These pliers make the replacement task quite effortless.

5. String Serving Tools

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Other than D loops, the string serving area also tends to wear out after using your bow for some time. These tools make serving a string easy and they normally come in a kit containing a cable spreader, serving tool, wax and string separator. If you are equipped with these tools, then you will never have to worry about replacing your bow strings.

6. String Care Kit

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Before you get to replace your bow’s string serving, you will have taken care of it for some time. This is why you need a string care kit. This maintenance kit contains a cleaner, revitalizer and wax that you need to restore and protect your compound bow’s strings. Waxing keeps the strings dry and also increases their lifespan.

7. Paper Tuner

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This is another one of the essential compound bow tuning tools that any hunter must have. A paper tuner as the name suggests is important in getting things tight. It helps you manage the way arrows come flying from your bow and thus makes it possible for you to hit the target. Although you can buy this tuner from a store, making one at home is not difficult.

8. Grain Scale

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There will come a time in your bow hunting life when you will want to build your own arrows. A grain scale simply makes this possible. It helps you measure the components that you need for the perfect arrow. Other than just measuring individual components, a grain scale can also help you determine the overall performance of your bow and arrows.

9. Fletching Jig

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Making or repairing arrows can help you save a substantial amount of money and time. A fletching jig is a simple tool that can help you achieve that. These jigs come in different sizes and prices, but even the simplest one can save you money. By investing in a good fletching jig, you will never have to be worried when your quiver starts running empty.

10. Arrow Saw

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An arrow saw may be a little expensive, but it is a worthwhile investment. If you own a fletching jig, then you will need an arrow saw for cutting your arrows. Any archer needs to have an arrow saw since it comes in handy not just when making new arrows but also when repairing them.

11. Arrow Spin Tester

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You need your arrows performing optimally before you head out for the hunt. Arrows with even the slightest flaws can have adverse effect on its flight, making it that much more difficult to hit your target. Archers can use an arrow spin tester to check on the flight performance of the arrows. This tool can reveal issues ranging from wobbles to damaged broadheads. In fact, it can be useful in narrowing down flight issues as originating from the bow or the arrows.

12. Laser Alignment Tool

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Setting up your compound bow can be a little demanding. This is why hunters will find a laser alignment tool extremely useful. It makes it easier and faster to setup a compound bow. With just one operation, you can get precise alignment of the limbs, sights, shot center and stabilizer center. The alignment tools together with the button testers make the ultimate compound bow tuning tools.

13. Norway Industries’ Duravanes Zip-Strip

Carbon arrows need proper care for them to remain useful and effective in getting to the intended targets. A zip strip has a specially shaped sharp edge that is key to removing any vane and residual adhesive from your arrows. This reduces damage while guaranteeing you a successful outing in the woods.

14. Arrow Glue

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You will need to install components on your compound bow from time to time. Instead of running to a repair shop all the time, you just need to invest in the right arrow glue. This glue makes installation of inserts possible without any hassle. The right arrow glue can be the difference between inserts pulling out and coming off correctly.

Owning a compound bow requires a certain amount of responsibility, and personal pride. Your bow can serve you diligently for a long time provided that you use it correctly and give it the care that it deserves. By investing in the above compound bow tools, you will never have to worry about making a last minute trip to the bow shop and have confidence in making filed repairs.

Photo credit: Lennart Takanen/Flickr

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